A (Malayalam) Poem by A. Harindranath
Xth Standard, Sree Krishna High School, Guruvayur, Kerala
(This poem won the first prize in poetry competition, school division, conducted by Mathrubhumi Weekly)
Published, Mathrubhumi Weekly, April 16, 1972.


Now, stepping with faltering feet in the street,
where poisonous flames rise,
The eyes vibrating with awakening laziness,
Listening to the songs of the encircling darkness
Baring the long nails,
Let us crawl along, searching for the unknown forests.


The unmixed memory,
Cutting open the long net
Made by weaving the infinite waves
Of victory and defeat
Rises up, beating its black wings.
The sky which dissolves its cry
Of solidified sorrow, is even now, far away.


Whom are the waves of the hot tears which rise and settle
In the eyes of a blind father searching far way?


Through the grand streets of the city
The sprouts of the terrible poison flow
Made by Thakshaka, regaining his life.
The burned Ashwattha still has not sprouted yet.
The streets reverberate loudly with
The laments of travelers rushing towards the face of darkness,
The sounds of chariots and the hymns of praises of Death
The sun burns for ever giving rise to the waves of darkness.
All over the heart
As we crawl with faltering steps, the sound waves trumpet.
Our eyes extend to all the city gates.


Far away Drauni rushes
With his desparate heart intent on encircling the shades
Where the sons of Draupadi are sleeping.


Among the current flowing turbulently
I saw again at a height.
Those who search for the earrings, forgotten somewhere in the lakes,
Sow everywhere the flames of heat.
Those who worry due to the memory of the broken splendour
Everywhere, those who grieve due to the memory of the lost happiness.


For us who move along the great path without the end
This is the only song:
Now stepping with faltering feet in the street
Where poisonous flames rise
The eyes vibrating with awakening laziness
Baring the long nails,
Listening to the songs of the encircling darkness,
Let us crawl along, searching unknown forests.
As the suns diminish, let us fall losing our movements
And then let us wait in an ant hill for the sunrise.

Translated by A.Purushothaman, Mumbai, 1st June 2005.