Legends associated with Guruvayur Temple

"Guruvayur Kshetra Charitram", M.N.Narayanan Namboodiri, Theerabhoomi Book Stall, Guruvayur (1998), pages 22-23:
"As a result of conducting 'Snake Sacrifice' king Janamejaya was inflicted with leprosy. He could not get any relief. Sage Dattatreya asked the king to go with him to Guruvayur to pray the Lord. The king worshipped the lord at Guruvayur for six months. One night, the lord appeared before the king in his dream and caressed his body. The king woke up and found that he is cured of the disease completely."

In a folow-up message from Pradip Bhattacharya:
Now link up to the story of Samba, Krishna's son, afflicted with leprosy because of his father's curse on his vanity (like Narcissus) that even led to the many women of Dvaraka (the ones rescued from Narakasura's harem) having relations with him. He worships Surya at Somnath and is cured.