tasya khila bhAho


harivamsha parva
ch 48

kAlanemi vadhaH
eimination of kAla-nemi



vaishaMpAyana uvAcha: vaishampAyana continued:

pa~ncha tam na abhyavartanta viparItena karmaNA |
vedo dharmaH kShamA satyaM shrIH cha nArAyaNa AshrayA || 1-48-1
sa teShAm an-upasthAnAt sa-krodho dAnaveshavaraH |
vaiShNavaM padam anvichChan yayau nArAyaNa antikam || 1-48-2

He who is unendowed with five graces of nArAyaNa that have underpinning from none other than nArAyaNa, viz. adherence to vedic canons, righteousness, forbearance, truthfulness and prosperity, owing to his own cross-grained deeds, that demon kAla-nemi rushed to the fore of nArAyaNa in vaikuNTha, with ferocity and irritation for not having atleast one of those five factors, namely the mercurial shrI, prosperity…

sa dadarsha suparNasthaM sha~Nkha chakra gadA dharam |
dAnavAnAM vinAshAya bhrAmayantaM gadAM shubhAm || 1-48-3

sa-jala-ambhodaH sadR^ishaM vidyut sadR^isha-vAsasam |
svArUDhaM svarNa-patra-ADhyaM shikhinaM kAshyapaM khagam || 1-48-4

Arriving in vaikuNTha demon kAla-nemi has seen viShNu mounted on golden-winged eagle vehicle garuDa; wielding conch, disc and brandished a mace for the annihilation of demons; looking like a cloud thick with water; sparkles of his ochery silks simulate sparks of electricity; beneath whom the skywalker and the eagle-son of sage kAshyapa, namely garuDa, is pluming his head feathers, and letting his golden wings grow far and wide…

dR^iShtvA daitya vinAshAya raNe svastham avasthitam |
dAnavo viShNum a-kShobhyaM babhAShe kShubdha mAnasaH ||  1-48-5

Beholding the irrepressible viShNu stationed in his own place awaiting the destruction of demons in a given battle, demon kAala-nemi, soliloquised this with a flustered heart:

ayaM sa ripuH asmAkaM pUrveShAM dAnava-rShiNAm |
arNava AvAsinaH chaiva madhoH vai kaiTabhasya cha ||1-48-6

ayaM sa vigrahaH asmAkam a-shAmyaH kila kathyate |
yena naH samyugeShu AdyA bahavo dAnavA hatAH ||1-48-7

ayaM sa nirghR^iNo yuddhe astrI bAla nir-apatrapaH |
yena dAnava nArINAM sImanta uddharaNaM kR^itam ||1-48-8

This one is our enemy, a perpetual enemy right from our forefathers, even an enemy of earliest known demons living underwater, namely madhu and kaiTabha;

This one is that challenger with whom, they say, a confrontation is unslakeable – a-shyAmya, such as he is he eliminated many of our demons inveigling them to warfield…

 This one is that merciless one in battles, diversely weaponed, shamelessly presumptuous like a boy, and who wiped off the vermilion powder from the parting of female demons’ combed hair– sImanta sindUram

ayaM sa viShNuH devAnAM vaikuNThaH cha divaukasAm |
anantaH bhoginAm apsu svayaM-bhUH cha svayam-bhuvaH ||1-48-9

This one is that viShNu among all the sons of lady aditi, who eventually became gods; this is the dweller of vaikuNTha as the other celestials like vasu-s, rudra-s, marut-s et al hypothesize him; This is the one that has eternal serpent which carries world on its hood, namely ananta, or Adi-sheSha, as his bed; this one is waters and this is the one who is afloat on seawater – a self-created creator of creator brahma…

ayaM sa nAtho devAnAm asmAkaM vi-priye sthitaH |
asya krodhena mahatA hiraNyakashipuH hataH ||1-48-10

This one is that God Almighty of all gods and this one alone is the standing vitriol of ours; this one’s high fury caused the death of my father, demon haraNya-kashipu…

asyaH ChAyAM samAsAdya devA makha-mukhe sthitAH |
AjyaM maharShibhiH dattam ashnuvanti tridhA hutam ||1-48-11

This one is that god under whose shadow other gods are thriving at the interface of Vedic ritual, namely the ritual fire, and they are subsisting on the oblations offered by great sages in usual trifurcated rituals like – nitya, naimittika, kAmya karma-s – just at his grace…

ayam sa nidhane hetuH sarveShAM deva-vidviShAm |
yasya tejAH praviShTAni kulAni asmAkam Ahave ||1-48-12

This one is that god who is the root cause of destruction of all the god-hating demons; as soon as his disc called sudarshana enters our demons camp in any given war it becomes his elemental force in eradicating us…

ayaM sa kila yuddheShu sura-arthe tyakta jIvitaH |
savituH tejasA tulyaM charkraM kShipati shatruShu ||1-48-13

This one is that god who risks his life, they say, to protect gods; this one is that lone god who launches that particular disc sudarshana that is akin to solar disc in conflagration…

ayaM sa kAlo daityAnAM kAla-bhUte mayi sthite |
ati-krAntasya kAlasya phalaM prApsyati durmatiH ||1-48-14

This one is that god of fatality unto demons, but now I am his fatality because I am standing up to his authority; if this invidious god oversteps his bounds he will reap the fruit of it…

diShTya idAnIM samakShaM me viShNuH eSha samAgataH |
adya mat bANa niShpiShTo mAm eva praNamiShyati ||1-4-15

This one is that god viShNu who by mere chance is available in my fore… now, will he truckle to me by my valour… else, will he get battered with my arrows… which one he prefers…

yAsyAmi apachitiM diShTyA pUrveShAm adya saMyuge |
imaM nArAyaNaM hatvA dAnavAnAM bhayAvaham ||1-48-16
kShipram eva vadhiShyAmi raNe nArAyaNa AshritAn |
jAti-antara-gataH api eSha mR^idhe bAdhati dAnavAn ||1-48-17

 Now, I will take pleasure in avenging the butchery of my ancestors by slaying this dread of demons called nArAyaNa in a combat, whereby I can in a trice eradicate his followers in a battle… this god is always warring and torturing demons even if he has taken trans-demonical emergence where there is no premonish of cousinly rivalry, wherefore he should be neutralised…

eShaH ananthaH purA bhUtvA padma-nAbha iti smR^ItaH |
jaghAna eka ArNave ghore tau ubhau madhu-kaiTabhau |
vi-niveshya svake Urau nihatau dAnaveshvarau ||1-48-18

This one is that interminable god previously renowned as a god with lotus-navel who eliminated two glorious demons madhu and kaiTabha that went underwater, when whole universe became one sheet of water, just by placing them within his knee-joints…

dvidhA bhUtaM vapuH kR^itvA siMha-ardhaM nara-saMsthitam |
pitaraM me jaghAna eko hiraNyakashipuM purA ||1-48-19

This one is that god who on assuming half-lion and half-man physique singly killed my father hiraNya-kashipu in the days of yore…

shubhaM garbham adhatte imam aditiH devata-araNiH |
yaj~na kAle baleH yaH vai kR^itvA vAmana rUpatAm |
trIN lokAn AjahAra ekaH  kramamANaH tribhiH kramaiH ||1-48-20

This one is that god whom the auspicious lady aditi once conceived, as if she is a celestial wood-stick wishing to produce fire, and delivered as a dwarf-boy, who at a time when emperor bali is conducting a vedic ritual singly appropriated all the three worlds, taking just three strides…

bhUyaH tu idAnIM samare saMprApte tArakAmaye |
mayA saha samAgamya saha devaiH vina~NkShyati ||1-48-21

This one is that god who chanced before me in starwars, and now in an encounter with me he vanisheth along with all gods…” so said kAla-nemi to himself, but audible to viShNu

vin-a~NkShyati is not vinAsham, but a disappearance; the demon thinks that viShNu will perish; but the author says that viShNu will disappear for the time being only to resurface continuing the long drawn animosity between gods and demons, so it is ‘vanisheth’ with two meanings.

sa evam uktvA bahudhA kShipan nArAyaNaM raNe |
vAgbhiH a-prati-rUpAbhiH yuddham eva abhyarochayat ||1-48-22
kShipyamANaH asurendreNa na chukopa gadAdharaH |
kShamA-balena mahatA sa-smitaM vAkyam abravIt ||1-48-23

Thus kAla-nemi dashed so many verbal-arrows at nArAyaNa that are incomparably insolent and that are expressive of his warmongering, the mace-wielding god nArAyaNa remained even-tempered with his sublime forbearance – kShamA guNa – and spoke to that demon in this way:

alpa-darpa-balo daitya sthitaH krodhAt asat vadan |
hataH tvam Atmano doShaiH kShamAM yaH atItya bhAShase ||1-48-24
adhamaH tvaM mama mataH dhik etat tava vAk-balam |
na tatra puruShAH santi yatra garjanti yoShitah ||1-48-25
ahaM tvAM daitya pashyAmi pUrveShAM mArga-gAminam |
prajApati kR^itaM setum kaH bhittvA svastimAn bhavet ||1-48-26
adya tvAM nAshayiShyAmi deva-vyApAra-kArakam |
sveShu sveShu cha sthAneShu sthApayiShyAmi devatAH ||1-48-27

“Limited is thy prideful strength, oh, daitya kAla-nemi, yet thou furiously speakest a specious rant… slain thou art, for thou goest over the threshold of tolerance with flaws in thy heart… thou art a wretch, methinks, thus fie on thy vaunting words… thine roaring is behovely amongst females than males… I behold thee, oh daitya, too willing to tread the path of thy predecessors… who liveth peacefully on rending a tideline that prajApati has ordained… I shall now eliminate thee that thwarted the activity of gods, restoring celestials to their respective positions…” so said viShNu to kAla-nemi

vaishaMpAyana uvAcha : vaishampAyana continued narration

evaM bruvati tat vAkyaM mR^idhe shrIvatsa-dhAriNi |
jahAsa dAnavaH krodhAt hastAn chakre cha sAyudhAn ||1-48-28
sa bAhu-shatam udyamya sarva astra-grahaNaM raNe |
krodhAt dvi-guNa-rakta-akSho viShNuM vakShasya tADayat ||1-48-29

When nArAyaNa had said this to demon kAla-nemi in battle, that demon furiously laughed off, filled his hands with various weapons, raised those hundred hands that are gripping various weapons, and with his eyes doubly bloodshot, he smote shrIhari on chest at a place where that god is sporting a mark called shrIvatsa…

dAnavAH chApi samare maya tAra purogamAH |
udyata Ayudha nistriMshA dR^iShTvA viShNum atha adravan ||1-48-30
sa tADyamAno ati-balaiH daityaiH sarva Ayudha udyataiH |
na chachAla hariH yuddhe kampyamAna iva achalaH ||1-48-31

On seeing lonely viShNu unaided by other gods, other dAnavA-s headed by maya end tAraka rushed towards him with upraised weapons… although the highly powerful daityA-s assailed him armed with various weapons god shrIhari remained unshaken in the battle like a mountain when midgets rattle it…

samsaktaH cha suparNena kAlanemI mahAsuraH |
sarva-prANena mahatIM gadAm udyamya bAhubhiH ||1-48-32

mumocha jvalitAM ghorAM saMrabdho garuDa upari |
karmaNA tena daityasya viShNuH vismayam AgataH ||1-4-33

When kAla-nemi grappled with the golden-winged garuDa to futility, he resorted to a mammoth mace, consolidating all his life-force he twirled it overhead and released that dreadful and blazing mace on that eagle, while viShNu watched all this astonishing at the impudence of that demon…

yadA tasya suparNasya patitA mUrdhni sA gadA |
tat Agamat padA bhUmiM pakShI vyathita vigrahaH ||1-48-34

suprNaM vyathitaM dR^iShTvA kShataM cha vapuH AtmanaH |
krodhAt saMrakta nayano vaikuNThaH chakram Adade ||1-48-35

When that club fell on the head of that king of birds, suparNa, that eagle crash-landed and hopped on earth with a wounded body. Beholding wounded suparNa, viShNu felt that his own body is scathed, then that dweller of vaikuNTha took up his discus with eyes reddened in anger…

vyavardhata cha vegena suparNena samaM prabhuH |
bhujAH cha asya vyavardhanta vyApnuvanto disho dasha ||1-48-36

sa dishaH pradishaH chaiva khaM cha gAM chaiva pUrayan |
vavR^idhe sa punar lokAn krAntu kAma iva ojasA ||1-48-37

Then that lord viShNu grew highly impetuous along with suparNa who by now is redeemed and carrying viShNu. viShNu’s arms multiplied covering and filling up all the ten quarters, the ethereal region and the earth, as his physique increased, and he seemed to tread all the worlds again as he has done in dwarf-boy incarnation…

taM jayAya surendrANAM vardhamAnaM nabhaH tale |
R^iShayaH saha gandharvaiH tuShTuvuH madhusUdanam ||1-48-38

The sages along with the gandharvA-s began to chant the glories of madhusudana who had then assumed a huge proportion in the sky for the victory of the gods…

sa dyAM kirITena likhan sa abhram ambaram ambaraiH |
padbhyAm Akramya vasudhAM dishaH prachChAdya bAhubhiH ||1-48-39

His crown scribing on the sky like a scribe-awl, his cloths scraping clouded sky, his feet covering the earth, his arms shrouding the sky shrIhari stood there ringing his sudarshana disc on the forefinger of right hand…

sUryasya rashmi-tulya-AbhaM sahasrAram ari- kShayam |
dIpta agni sadR^ishaM ghoraM darshanIyaM sudarshanam ||1-48-40

Whirling that disc which in effulgence is like sun, with thousand-sprockets, an enemy-neutraliser, deadly like inferno, yet magnificent for a look…

From here to verse 45 it is ekanvayam – verses in one go.

suvarNa nemi paryantaM vajra-nAbhaM bhayAvaham |
medo majja asthi rudhiraiH digdhaM dAnava saMbhavaiH ||1-48-41

Entirely golden from hub to periphery, diamonded at hub, calamitous, daubed with fat, marrow, calcific materials of bones and blood of demons when they are periodically sliced…

advitIyaM prahAreshu kShura-paryanta-maNDalam |
srak-dAma-mAla-vitataM  kAma-gam kAma-rUpiNam ||1-48-42

Second to none in impaction, razor-sharp from edge to hub, propulsive circularly like a garland of fire when one firebrand, flaming-ball is swung circularly –triggerer-target-back to triggerer propulsion – will be like a garland without the evidence of string, and which propels at the wish of its triggerer…

Firebrand – alAta chakram - lost its original value of brandished fire, or swinging fire ball, or flaming brand etc, on assuming a low quality meaning - a cause of trouble.

svayaM svayaMbhuvA sR^iShTaM bhaya-daM sarva-vidviShAm |
maharShi-roShaiH AviShTaM nityam Ahava darpitam ||1-48-43

That disc is a personal creation of brahma, a terror to the enemies, infallible since swaddled in the wrath of sages, always haughty on the battlefield…

kShepaNAt yasya muhyanti lokAH sa sthANu-ja~NgamAH |
kravyAdAni cha bhUtAni tR^iptiM yAnti mahA Ahave ||1-48-44

By activating which in a given war all the worlds with sessile and mobile beings will become insensate, whereby carnivores can satisfyingly make a feast-day…   

tam apratima-karmANaM samAnaM sUrya-varchasA |
chakram udyamya samare krodha dIpto gadAdharaH ||1-48-45

Such a disc of incomparable operations, equalling the blaze of sun has been upraised by shrIhari, spinning on his right forefinger, in all his fury in that combat… 

saMmuShNan dAnavaM  tejaH samare svena tejasA |
chichCheda bAhuM chakreNa shrIdharaH kAlaneminaH ||1-48-46

Then wiping out the gumption of the demon kAla-nemi with his own shrIdhara, aka viShNu with his disc severed the hundred arms of kAla-nemi…

tat cha vaktra-shataM ghoraM sa agni-chUrNa aTTahAsinam |
tasya daityasya chakreNa pramamAtha balAt hariH ||1-48-47

Further, shrIhari with that disc sudarshana rived the hundred macabre heads of that demon kAla-nemi that have stentorian laughs like the blaring trebuchets, or catapults that launch glaring fireballs – golaka utkshepaNa yantrA-s; teShAm mahA shabdaH

sa chChinna bAhuH vi-shirA na prAkampata dAnavaH |
kabandho avasthitaH  saMkhye vi-shAkha iva pAdapaH ||1-48-48

Although his arms are chopped off and his heads are cut off, that dAnava kAla-nemi did not flinch the least but still stood in the battle like the trunk of a tree shorn of all its branches…

taM vitatya mahA-pakShau vAyoH kR^itvA samaM javam |
urasA pAtayAmAsa garuDaH kAlaneminam || 1-48-49
sa tasya deho vi-mukho vi-shAkhaH khAt paribhraman |
nipapAta divaM tyaktvA shobhayan dharaNI-talam ||1-48-50

Spreading both of his sweeping wings, assuming the speed of a tempest, garuDa with a single bump of his chest knocked kAla-nemi down… felling that faceless, armless truck of that demon so far vaulting on the sky onto earth in one fell swoop…

tasmin nipatite daitye devAH sa rShigaNAH tadA |
sAdhu sAdhu iti vaikuNThaM sametAH pratyapUjayan ||1-48-51

When that daitya kAla-nemi is thus eliminated all the gods with sages began to praise nArAyaNa saying “Good Lord! Good heavens!”

apare ye tu daityA vai yuddhe duShTa-parAkramAH |
te sarve bAhubhiH vyAptA na shekuH chalituM raNe ||1-48-52

Other atrocious demons available on battlefield are blockaded with the far-reaching arms of shrIhari and held at bay…                                                                                                                                   

kAMshchit kesheShu jagrAha kAMshchit kaNThe abhyapIDayat |
pATayat kasyachit vaktraM madhye kAMshchit atha agrahIt ||1-48-53
te gadA chakra nirdagdhA gata-sattvA gata-AsavaH |
gaganAt bhraShTa sarva a~NgA nipetur dharaNItale ||1-48-54

Catching some of the residual daityA-s by their hair nArAyaNa eliminated some by throttling their throats, some by decapitating and some by dissevering their midriffs… when hit with club and discus of shrIhari some demons are completely destroyed, some deprived of their energy and liveliness, limbs of some mutilated… and they all fell from sky onto the earth in such a condition…

teShu sarveShu daityeShu hateShu puruShottamaH |
tasthau shakra-priyaM kR^itvA kR^ita-karmA gadAdharaH ||1-48-55

tasmin vimarde nirvR^itte saMgrAme tArakAmaye |
taM desham AjagAm Ashu brahmA lokapitAmahaH ||1-48-56

sarvair brahmarSibhiH sArdhaM gandharvaiH sApsara gaNaiH |
devadevo hariM devaM pUjayan vAkyam abravIt ||1-48-57

When all the demons are wiped out, nArAyaNa stood there concluding that his mission and a deed to indra’s liking is accomplished… when that dreadful war with demon tAraka is subdued and completed brahma came there post haste along with sages, gandharvA-s and scores of apsara-s ad said this to viShNu worshipfully…

brahma uvAcha; brahma said:

kR^itaM deva mahat-karma surANAM shalyam uddhR^itam |
vadhena anena daityAnAM vayaM hi paritoShitAH ||1-48-58

“Oh, god, you have achieved a great mission of gods and a thorn in gods’ side is removed… indeed, we all are heartily pleased with the destruction of all the demons…

yaH ayaM hataH tvayA viShNo kAlanemI mahAsuraH |
tvam ekaH asya mR^idhe hantA na anyaH kashchana vidyate ||1-48-59

You are the only destroyer of this kAla-nemi whom you have just slain in battle… save thee; there is none else capable of it…

eSha devAn paribhavan lokAH cha sa chara acharAn |
R^iShINAM kadanaM kR^itvA mAm api prati-garjati ||1-48-60

Offering an affront to all gods, all worlds together with their mobile and sessile creatures this dAnava not only set sages at naught but used to rage and rail against me…

tat anena tava ugreNa parituShTo asmi karmaNA |
yat dayaM kAla-tulya-AbhaH kAlanemI nipAtitaH ||1-48-61

Such a demon kAla-nemi whose sheen matches the gloss of deathly Time has been eliminated by you, for which I am highly pleased…  

tat AgachChasva bhadraM te gachChAma divam uttamam |
brahma-rShayaH tvAM tatra sthAH pratIkShante sadogatAH ||1-48-62

Mayst thou fare well; may I invite you to the most excellent celestial region of mine, brama-loka, where the brahma-sages, the members of my aseembly, are waiting for thee…

ahaM maharShayaH chaiva tatra tvAM vadatAM vara |
vidhivat cha archayiShyAmaH gIrbhir divyAbhir achyuta ||1-48-63

There, oh, achyuta, oh, foremost of speakers, I along with other sages shall worship you with heavenly hymns…

kiM cha ahaM tava dAsyAmi varaM vara-bhR^itAM vara |
sureShu api sa-daityeShu varANAM varado bhavAn ||1-48-64

 “Poor me, oh god, how canst I fulfil thy will, for thou thyself art the foremost conferrer of favours, either on gods or on demons?

niryAta etat trai-lokyaM sphItaM nihata kaNTakam |
asminn eva mR^idhe viShNo shakrAya sumahAtmane ||1-48-65

May I ask you now to return the prosperous triad of worlds to high-souled indra since the thorns called demons are prised out in this war…?” so said brahma to viShNu.

evam ukto bhagavatA brahmaNA hariH avyayaH |
devAn shakra mukhAn sarvAn uvAcha shubhayA girA ||1-48-66

Thus addressed by god brahma, shrIhari said to gods through their mouthpiece, namely indra, in these auspicious words…

viShNuH uvAcha : viShNu said:

shrUyatAM tridashAH sarve yAvanto atra samAgatAH |
shravaNa-avahitaiH-dehaiH puraskritya purandaram ||1-48-67
asmin naH samare sarve kAlanemi-mukhA hatAH |
dAnavA vikrama upetAH shakrAt api mahattarAH ||1-48-68

“Listen attentively, all of you gods assembled here headed by indra, we have slain all valorous dAnavA-s that are superior even to the king of gods himself, and that are operating under the steersmanship of demon kAla-nemi in this battle…

tasmin mahati saMkrande dvau eva tu vinissR^itau |
vairochanaH cha daitya-indraH svarbhAnuH cha mahAgrahaH ||1-48-69

But, somehow two demons made their getaway in this terrible encounter, one is the son of virochana, namely emperor-demon bali, and the other is the capacious planetomorphic rAhu, the eclipser… hence, you gods have to remain vigilant about them…

tat iShTAM bhajatAM shakro dishaM varuna eva cha |
yAmyAM yamaH pAlayatAm uttarAM cha dhanAdhipaH ||1-48-70

Let now indra, the king of gods and raingod varuNa repair to their wished-for regions; let yama, the timegod occupy the south, while kubera, the king of wealth-management protect the north…

R^ikShaiH saha yathA yogaM kAle charatu chandramAH |
abdaM chatur-mukhaM sUryo bhajatAm ayanaiH saha ||1-48-71

As before let moon seasonally unite with stars, let the sun united with equinoctial points cause years with four faces, where each face is a season…

Ajya-bhAgAH pravartantAM sadasyaiH abhipUjitAH |
hUyantAm agnayo vipraiH veda-dR^iShTena karmaNA ||1-48-72

dAnaiH cha bali homena svAdhyAyena maharShayaH |
shrAddhena pitaraH chaiva tR^iptiM yAntu yathA purA ||1-48-73

Let apportionment of offertories recommence while brAhmaNa-s rekindle the ritual fire according to the canons of scriptures, and while sages hallow it… that done, let the gods attain gratification from doles, sacrificial oblations and offertories; sages from the self-study of Vedas; manes from beatification, as is their wont…

vAyuH charatu mArgasthaH tridhA dIpyatu pAvakaH |
trayo varNAH cha lokAn trIn vardhayantu AtmajaiH guNaiH ||1-48-74

Let the wind blow in its own course, let domestic-ritual-fire be enkindled in its three-fold forms, and let the three social orders, by their natural qualities, bring about the gratification to the world…

kratavaH saMpravartantAM dIkShaNIyaiH dvijAtibhiH |
dakShiNAH cha upavartantAM yathA arhaM sarva-satriNAm ||1-48-75

Let sacrifices be undertaken by the brAhmaNa-s who are worthy of performing initiatory rites and let proper gifts be distributed as befitting in all sacrifices…

gAH cha sUryo rasAn somo vAyuH prANAn cha prANiShu |
tarpayantaH pravartantAM shivaiH saumyaiH cha karmabhiH ||1-48-76

Let the sun afford gratification to all the eyes, let moon afford delight to all the essential fluids, let air delight the vital breaths to all beings, because sun, moon, and air are - netra, rasa, prANa swarUpA-s – epitomes of sight, pith and lifeforce; as such, let these three sun, moon, and air be slacked in first instance with auspicious and humble oblations whereby individual beings get slacked in give-and-take syndrome…

yathAvat anupUrvyeNa mahendra salila udbhavAH |
trai-lokya-mAtaraH sarvAH sAgaraM yAntu nimna-gAH ||1-48-77

Let all the declivitous rivers, the good mothers of the triadic world, spouting from great mountains glide to sea as usual and non-stop…

daityebhyaH tyajyatAM bhIH cha shAntiM vrajata devatAH |
svasti vaH astu gamiShyAmi brahma-lokaM sanAtanam ||1-48-78

Let gods cast off all fear of dAnavA-s and let them enjoy peace. May you fare well… ye gods, I repair to the eternal abode of brahma…

svagR^Ihe sarva-loke vA saMgrAme vA visheShataH |
vishrambhaH vaH na mantavyaH nityaM kShudrA hi dAnavAH ||1-48-79

Either in your own houses, or in heaven, or on battlefields especially you gods should not think that you are invulnerable, for demons are knavish… 

ChidreShu praharanti ete na cha eShAM saMsthitiH dhruvA |
saumyAnAm R^ijubhAvAnAM bhavatAM cha Arjave matiH ||1-48-80

They strike people as soon as they find a weak point; impermanent and slippery is their modus vivendi or operandi… hence, you should be vigilant for you gods are all gentle, simple and idyllic-minded…

ahaM tu duShTa-bhAvAnAM yuShmAsu su-dur-AtmanAm |
asaMyak vartamAnAnAM mohaM dAsyAmi devatAH ||1-48-81

O gods, I will always traumatize that evil-minded entity that nurtures an ill-will towards you…

yadA cha su-durAdharShaM dAnavebhyo bhayaM bhavet |
tadA samupagaMi Ashu vidhAsye vaH tataH abhayam ||1-48-82

Whenever you experience a dreadful fear from the dAnavA-s, I will immediately come to your rescue… I promise…” so said viShNu to all gods.

vaishaMpAyana uvAcha : vaishampAyana continued:

evam uktvA sura-gaNAn viShNuH satya-parAkramaH |
jagAma brahmanA sArdhaM brahma-lokaM mahAyashAH ||1-48-83

On addressing the gods that magnificent nArAyaNa, whose prowess is truth, went to the abode of brahma along with brahma…

etat Ashcharyam abhavat saMgrAme tArakAmaye |
dAnavAnAM cha viShNoH cha yat mAM tvaM paripR^ichChasi ||1-48-84

O, janamejaya this is the marvellous event about which you asked me to detail, occurred during the battling of demons spearheaded by tAraka when they confronted viShNu…


iti shrImanmahAbhArate khileShu harivaMshe harivaMshaparvaNi kAlanemivadhe aShTachatvAriMsho.adhyAyaH

Thus, this is the forty-eight chapter of first canto called harivamsha-parva, in harivamsha-purANa, the sequel of mahAbhArata, narrating the elimination of demon kAla-nemi in starwars


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