Legend associated with Kadampuzha Temple

According to an aitihya (legend), the Kadampuzha Temple, Malappuram, Kerala is closely linked to Mukasura killing episode. During the fierce fight between Kirata and Arjuna, Kirata gets wounded. This makes the Kirata woman angry and curses Arjuna that - let the arrows from Arjuna be shower of flowers.

Arjuna realizes that Kiratas are Lord Shiva & Parvathi and prostrates. Shiva and Parvathi blesses Arjuna with Pasupatastra.

This Kirata women is the main deity at Kadampzha and "poo moodal' - covering with flowers- is the main offering. There is a Kirata Shiva temple one mile west. Kirata with bow and arrow is the main deity and both these deities face each other. There is a belief that one has to visit both the temples to please Kadampuzha Devi.

From the book, "Keralathile Kshethrangalilude" published by H & C Publishing, Kunnamkulam.

Information from Krishnakumar Avanoor.