A Note on Mayabazar

Desiraju Hanumanta Rao

Mayabazar is a popular Telugu stage play of Surabhi Tourig theatre of 1930s, a rural touring theatre famous for its wire-work scenes, ie, scenes used to change in seconds, Narada comes from sky, if two arrows are met in sky they sparkle, etc. There are two cinemas of 1930's, and of 1957 which are verbatim adoptation of the stage play, including tricks.

Cinemas with titles like mayabazar, sharirekha pariNayam are being shot from silent era itself. Marathi influence.

This Telugu stage play and cinemas are again based on one khaNDa kaavya called 'shashirekha pariNayamu' of 1928, by one appappa kavi. This Telugu kavya is there on net with DLI.

Ghatotkaca impersontes shashirekha in Kaurava's palace and brings orignal shashirekha to his forest dwelling to celebrate her marriage with Abhimanyu - as planned by Krishna.

This work is lauded as mahabharata - without paanDava-s.

The story starts with the celebration of birth day to young Sasirekha, daughter of Balarama. Revathi, mother of Sasirekha promises Subhadra (wife of Arjuna) to get Sasirekha married to Abhimanyu on this occasion. Yudhishtira performs Raajasooya Yaaga, which Balarama and Revathi misses to attend. While Satyaki describes the highlights of the yaaga performed by Yudhishtira, Lord Krishna hands over a magic box presented by Yudhishtira to Balarama that was inherited to ‘Paandavaas’ from Harischandra. Sakuni will be seen in the box provoking for gambling. Duryodhana, humiliated by ‘paandavaas’ in Maya Sabha during the Raajasooya Yaaga will be obsessed by Sakuni to provoke ‘Paandavaas’ for a gamble. Yudhishtira gets defeated in the gamble. Sakuni plans for a marriage alliance of Lakshmana Kumara (son of Duryodhana) with Sasirekha, to topple Abhimanyu’s wish of marrying Sasirekha. Aggrieved by Balarama’s decision, Subhadra meets Ghatotkacha (son of Bhima) with her son Abhimanyu, who plans for hoaxing ‘Kowravaas’ though his magic Maya Bazaar. Lord Krishna blesses Ghatotkacha to gull ‘Kowravaas’ and perform the marriage of Sasirekha with Abhimanyu. -- copy pasted from some web page.

It appears the following web page has a detailed story of mayabazar, which can be seen as to how it is contrived: www.telugucinema.com/c/movies/printer_1957_mAyAbajAr.shtml

Another Kannda page is here with similar details:

some points are taken from here to mayabazar. [This is a description by the famous Kannada poet Kumaravyasa in his long poetical narration of the Mahabharata. (His real name was Naranappa of Gadugu).]