Thoreau, Langlois and Harivamsa

Henry David Thoreau's famous work Walden contains quotes from Harivamsa, Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana. Thoreau apparently translated many portions from Langlois' French translation of Harivamsa into English.

The transmigration of the seven Brahmans; a translation from the Harivansa of Langlois, by Henry David Thoreau.
Edited from manuscript with an introduction and notes by Arthur Christy
Published New York, W.E. Rudge, 1932.

Note: "This, the first edition ... consists of 1200 copies, 200 of which are printed on handmade paper and numbered."

"The translation is from S.A. Langlois' French translation of the original Sanskrit, published in Paris, 1834, and entitled, "Harivansa; ou, Histoire de la famille de Hari, ouvrage formant un appendice du Mahabbarata". The Thoreau translation is from volume 1, p. 100-110. cf. p.[15] Contents Introduction.-- Thoreau's manuscript in facsimile.-- The transcription.-- The Source

Author Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862
Langlois, Simon Alexandre, b.1788
Christy, Arthur, 1899

It is reprinted with notes in the following book:
by Henry David Thoreau
Edited by K.P. Van Anglen
Princeton University Press (1986).

From the Introduction:
He (Thoreau) borrowed a copy of Langlois translation from Harvard College Library on Sept 11, 1849. There is no firm evidence for dating, and Thoreau could have translated the piece anytime thereafter. However, the record of his borrowing from Harvard College Library suggests that during the fall and winter of 1849, and spring of 1850 he was especially interested in Oriental religion and literature and passages in his journal indicates that the interest extended into early summer of 1851.