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Swami Siddhinathanda on Mahabharata

The four sons of Vyasa are the representations of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha (the four purusharthas). Vidura, the personification of Dharma; Dhritarashrta who usurped the kingdom is the worshipper of Artha; Pandu who courted death by indulging in endless bhoga considered Kama to the ultimate aim of Life. What about the fourth son Suka? He is the lifelong jnani, the free man, the blessed one who attained Moksha. In Mahabharata, Vyasa described the story of these sons and their progeny. Through the story of his sons, Vyasa illustrated Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. By illustrating the four purusharthas, he told the story of all of us. Isn't the story of all of us, the story of the world? Yes, Mahabharata is the eternal history of the world.

Source: From the introduction to the Malayalam book, Bharata Kathamritam (Mahabharata retold for children), by Chenkulath Parukkutty Amma.
Reprinted in Triveni, published by Mathrubhumi, Kozhikode (1989).
(English translation by AH.)