Note on the manuscript K4 consulted by BORI editors of Mahabharata

From the "PROLEGOMENA" by V.S. Sukthankar
Sukthankar, Vishnu S., et al., eds. 1933-59. The Mahabharata, for the first time critically edited}. 37 fascicules. Bhandarker Oriental Research Institute, Pune.

Poona, Bombay Government Collection (deposited at the BORI), No. 565 of 1882-83. Folios 237 (not counting the suppl. folios), with about 15-16 lines to a page size ---, Devanagari characters; dated Saka 1616 (ca. A.D. 1694), at the end of one of the subsequent parvans. Old Indian paper,

A carelessly written complete MS., with ss for 5J, throughout, which is a Southern trait; written by one hand, but preserved in the Collection in two bundles -- numbered 565 and 566. Supplementary folios at 2, 114, 150, 151, 205 include certain long passages (some from Southern sources), copied by the same hand; notable among them being the Brahma-Ganesa interpolation, whose point of insertion is indicated by a small mark made in the body of the text, and the marginal remark -------------------. There are some excerpts in margins, intended as glosses. Marginal additions of lines and stanzas are frequent only in the first 35 folios, afterwards few and far between. Corrections are made with yellow pigment. Colophons frequently contain adhyaya names, sub-parvan names, but no adhyaya number. The copyist was Ganesa, son of Trimbaka.