Satyabhama-Narakasura Fight in the Harivamsa

HarivaMsha, edited by P. L.~ Vaidya, Volume II, Appendices, published by BORI, Section 28A (pages 209-212).

translation by Satya Chaitanya

...with several thousand arrows, he wounded Krishna, the Purushottama. And again with seventy thousand sharp arrows he attacked Garuda. He then attacked Krishna with more than a hundred arrows and a thousand narachas. The mighty Danava is now pleased -- thinking thus/having concluded thus, Krishna, a little concerned/worried, now attacked him with five and then with eight and then with nine sharp arrows. The Danava too, O Great King, attacked Krishna, the teacher of all the world, with sharp arrows. Then Krishna, the Son of Devaki, pierced the Danava with six narachas. [10]

The Danava too, O Great King, now pierced Krishna, the Lord of the Universe with seven arrows. Those two men, both greedy for battle, fought a terrible battle, just as Sambara and Indra did in the War of the Gods and Asuras in ancient days, and like Rama and Ravana fought the terrible battle on the earth. Krishna, then becoming angry, with a flat-tipped arrow broke the flagpole of the evil Naraka. In the meanwhile, the very intelligent Danava pierced Garuda with narachas. When Garuda became wounded all over by a naracha of the Danava, blood started spurting out from every part of his body right before the eyes of Krishna. [20]

The deeply wounded bird began flapping its wings again and again. Then, furious with anger, Garuda, the best of birds, attacked the Danava with his wings. Then the sinner Naraka pounded Garuda with powerful blows of his fist as painful as the pains of hell. He then, stringing his bow and pulling the bow string back right up to his ears, attacked Hari, the Lord, with a long and sharp naracha. When hit by it on his forehead, the lord of the universe shook as an elephant shakes at the chanting of hymns [to control it] and then swooning sank down to the floor of the chariot. [30 1/2]

Seeing Vasudeva in that condition, Satyabhama fanned him with chamaras and Garuda, with his wings. Krishna, finding relief and regaining consciousness, gave Satyabhama his bow Sarnga, which can be wielded in battle only with difficulty due to its great weight, and told her:"Devi, battle now with Naraka. I am suffering and I am tired from the fighting." When Devi Satyabhma was told thus, she, the noble one who always spoke the truth, began ro battle with the evil Naraka. Satya, the wife of the wielder of Sarnga, pierced Naraka with sharp narachas, crescent-shaped arrows and with bhallas. [40]

Satya tormented Naraka as the truth torments liars. Seeing her fighting thus, Narka attacked her between her breasts with sharp arrows and shot between her arms six fast-flying arrows and on her sides with seven arrows. Satyabhama then became furious and with a very sharp arrow chopped the evil Naraka's bow into two. The powerful Satyabhama then chopped into pieces his flag and flagpole too, as well as his umbrella, his chariot and horses. The mighty Danava then picked up another powerful bow and Satyabhama chopped that too into two, and when he picked up bows one after the other, Satya broke them all into pieces. [50 1/2]

Then the angry Danava picked up a mighty mace and hurled it at her as Krishna watched. She saw the mace approaching and broke it into smithereens. Then Naraka picked up a sakti and began to attack her with it. The devi, Krishna's dear wife Satyabhama, then broke that too into smithereens and laughed aloud. Then picking up a parigha, Naraka then attacked her by hurling it at her. Satya in reply attacked the Danava with sharp arrows and pierced his body with them. [60]

Krishna then praised his dear wife Satyabhama pleasing her, as did the Gods and holy sages, all standing in the skies. Devi Satyabhama, Lord Krishna's Shakti, then with an arrow separated the head of Naraka's charioteer from his body. Krishna, the Glorious One, then became delighted and hugged her and wiped off the perspiration on her born of battle strain. Krishna, the Great Soul, then, pleased with her, gave her a necklace that he had not given [even] to Rukmini. This glorious necklace, renowned the world over, that he [as Vamana] had snatched from Bali during Bali's sacrifice. [69 1/2]

Satyabhama, the Auspicious One, accepting the world-renowned ornament, tied it around her neck and thus began shining many times over with its luster. She had begged for this necklace several times in the past, while they were playing and while they were in bed together, but Krishna had never given it to her. Krishna then told her, "Devi, O Beautiful One, rest for now, you are tired of the effort." He then took the bow and engaged the Danava in battle. At this Naraka climbed onto his chariot endowed with his flag and picked up a superb bow. With eight arrows he now pierced Krishna, he shot ten arrows at Satyabhama, twenty five arrows at Garuda and again seven more at Krishna. [79 1/2]

Krishna, the Scion of the Yadus and the Lord of the Universe, now got enraged with the Danava. He brought out a powerful bow and with it, severed his bow, broke his chariot and killed his [new] charioteer. The furious Naraka then jumped down from that chariot and picking up a mace attacked Krishna and hit him on his chest with it. He attacked Garuda too with it. Following this, he picked up a parigha and again attacked Krishna with it. But Krishna in a moment broke it into two pieces. Then Naraka picked up boulders and attacked Krishna with them. The boulders were all shattered into pieces by arrows flying from Krishna's bow Sarnga. [89 1/2]

Naraka then attacked Krishna with more boulders, with trees, nooses, maces, spears, pattasas, slingshots, swords, axes, barbed missiles, lances, the battle became ferocious. At this Krishna, the Slayer of Kesi, the Lord of the Universe, was enraged and decided to kill Naraka, the Lord of the Danavas. He brought out his chakra - the world-renowned, sharp weapon which is worshipped by the gods and celestial sages, which glows on the blood of the Daityas [that it has drunk], which is ever thirsty for more of the blood of the Daityas. With that lustrous chakra, the fast moving keen weapon, Krishna, the Lord of the Universe worshipped by the whole world, as the whole world stood watching, cleavered into two the heart of Naraka, the hater of virtuous people, the one who was for ever detested by ascetics.