Summary of Sundarisvayamvaram (Marriage of Sundari) Attakkatha

A. Purushothman

Author: Kunnath Subrahmanian Potti (1775 - 1845)

(Based on the text given in the Malayalam book: aRupatta~nchu divasatte ATTakkathkaL (Attakkathas for 65 days), Volume 1 edited by K. Gopala Pillai, published by Shriramavilasam Press and Book Depot, 2nd Editio, 1953, Pages 253 to 268.)
Xerox copy of the pages provided by Prof. Vattapparampil Gopinatha Pillai

At Dvaraka, when his daughter Sundari attained the age for marriage, Krishna approached Balarama and said: Please suggest an appropriate bridegroom for Sundari.

Balarama said: I consider Duryodhana's son Lakshana as a suitable bridegroom.

Accordingly, Balarama sent a messenger to Duryodhana expressing his desire to conduct the marriage of Sundari with Duryodhana's son.

Duryodhana happily accepted the proposal.

Hearing this, Subhadra (Abhimanyu's mother) became worried. Subhadra along with Satyabhama went and met Krishna and said: Long ago, we had decided that Abhimanyu will marry Sundari. If this does not become true, both of us will die.

Krishna said: I am sure that Abhimanyu will marry Sundari. Do not worry.

Subhadra conveyed everything to Abhimanyu who had gone to the forest for hunting.

In the forest, a demon named Vajradamshtra, a servant of Ghatotkacha saw Abhimanyu. He fought with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu slayed Vajradamshtra.

Ghatotkacha, Bhima's son saw that Vajradamshtra was killed by Abhimanyu. Ghatotkacha challenged Abhimanyu and both fought against each other. Seeing Abhimanyu's valiance Ghatotkacha asked: Who are you?
Abhimanyu said: Fight with me if you wish.

Ghatotkacha said: I am the son of Bhima.
Abhimanyu said: I am son of Arjuna.
Ghatotkacha went to his mother Hidimba, carrying Abhimanyu.
Ghatotkacha said: This is Arjuna's son. He is going to Dvaraka on hearing that Satyabhama's daughter is getting married to Duryodhana's son. He killed Vajradamshtra. We fought. After recognizing each other, we came to see you.

Hidimba said: I am happy to meet you. You proceed with my son.

Hidimba told Ghatotkacha: Son! Help your younger brother to marry Sundari.
Hidimba gave good clothes to Abhimanyu. Both Ghatotkacha and Abhimanyu proceeded further.

On the way they arrived at a forest where Iravan (Arjuna's son with Uloopi) was residing. Iravan and Ghatotkacha started fighting. Iravan was surprised to find that his arrows are not effective. He asked Ghatotkacha: Who are you?
Ghatotkacha said: I am Ghatotkacha, the son of Bhima. This is Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna. Who are you?
Iravan said: I am Iravan, the son of Arjuna.
Ghatotkacha said: We are going to Dvaraka.
Then all three proceeded to Dvaraka.
Meanwhile, Narada arrived at Hatinapura. Duryodhana welcomed Narada and said: I am going to Dvaraka to conduct the marriage of my son with Sundari.
Narada said: I am coming from Dvaraka. It seems Abhimanyu, along with the son of Bhima (Ghatotkacha) and Iravan is ready to fight you.
Duryodhana told Narada: I will defeat all my enemies.
Duryodhana told Karna: Be ready to fight our enemies.
Karna said: Do not worry. I will take care of them.
Bhishma said: Do not believe the words of Karna.
Karna said: Bhishma is talking nonsense.
The Kauravas led by Duryodhana, Karna and Bhishma proceeded for the marriage.

On the way Ghatotkacha challenged the Kauravas. The brothers defeated Kauravas and made them return.

The marriage of Sundari and Abhimanyu was performed with all pomp and splendor.

Note: Ulloor S Parameshvara Iyer, in his Kerala Sahitya Charithram (4th Edition, volume 3, Page 596-597) states the family of the author Kunnath Subramanian Potti (1775-1845) is from Malabar. During the invasion of Tippu Sultan, the family relocated to Mavelikkara and started staying at Chennithala. The house was called Kunnam.
20th March 2011