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tapo na kalko shloka
What does this mean?
vyasa, ganesha

Introductions to Mahabharata

Texts of Mahabharata available on the internet

Mahabharata with Bhavadipa commentary of Nilakantha, published by Gopal Narayan and Co., Bombay, 1901.
Files available at the Internet Archive.

Kumbakonam Edition of Mahabharata
Sriman Mahabharatam, a new edition, mainly based on the Southern Indian Texts, with footnotes and readings.
Printed at the Davaji Dadaji's Nirnayasagar Press, Bombay, 1906.
Published by T.R. Krishnacharya, proprietor, Madhva Vilas Book Depot, Kumbakonam, printed by R.V. Shedge for the proprietor at the Nirnayasagar Press, 28 Kolbhat Lane, Bombay (1914)
  1. The introductory volume, SRIMAN MAHABHARATAM, 5990010102404, Krishnacharya T. R., 1914, 405 pgs.
    Available at thanks to Digital Library of India
    Contains the following: The following files available at Internet Archive unless otherwise stated
  2. Sriman Mahabharatam: adiparva
    260 adhyAyas 444 pages
  3. Sriman Mahabharatam: sabhaparva
    103 adhyAyas 174 pages
  4. Sriman Mahabharatam: vanaparva
    incomplete, abruptly stops at shloka 64 of adhyAya 298, 444 pages
    Rest of vanaparva
    available at
  5. Sriman Mahabharatam: virataparva
    mbh-kumbakonam-virata.pdf 78 adhyAyas 146 pages, available at
  6. Sriman Mahabharatam: udyogaparva
    196 adhyAyas 300 pages
  7. Sriman Mahabharatam: bhishmaparva
    122 adhyAyas 228 pages
  8. Sriman Mahabharatam: dronaparva
    203 adhyAyas 376 pages
  9. Sriman Mahabharatam: karnaparva
    101 adhyAyas 220 pages
  10. Sriman Mahabharatam: shalyaparva
    66 adhyAyas 146 pages
  11. Sriman Mahabharatam: sauptikaparva
    18 adhyAyas 44 pages
  12. Sriman Mahabharatam: striparva
    27 adhyAyas 44 pages
  13. Sriman Mahabharatam: shantiparva
    375 adhyAyas 618 pages
  14. Sriman Mahabharatam: anushasanaparva
    274 adhyAyas 446 pages
  15. Sriman Mahabharatam: ashvamedhikaparva
    118 adhyAyas 184 pages
  16. Sriman Mahabharatam: ashramavasikaparva
    41 adhyAyas 56 pages
  17. Sriman Mahabharatam: mausalaparva
    26 adhyAyas 9 pages
  18. Sriman Mahabharatam: mahaprasthAnikaparva
    3 adhyAyas 20 page
  19. Sriman Mahabharatam: svargarohanaparva
    5 adhyAyas 26 pages

Southern recension of Mahabharata edited by P.P.S. Sastri

The Mahabharata (Southern Recension), critically edited by P.P.S. Sastri, B.A. (Oxon), M.A., published by Vavilla Ramaswamy Sastrulu and Sons, Madras (1931-1933).
Made available on the net thanks to the Digital Library of India and a team of dedicated volunteers.

  1. adiparva-part 1
  2. adiparva-part 2
  3. sabhaparva
  4. aranyaparva-part 1
  5. aranyaparva-part 2
  6. virataparva
  7. udyogaparva
  8. bhishmaparva
  9. dronaparva-part 1
  10. dronaparva-part 2
  11. karnaparva
  12. shalya-sauptika-stree
  13. shantiparva-part 1
  14. shantiparva-part 2
  15. shantiparva-part 3
  16. anushasanaparva-part 1
  17. anushasanaparva-part 2
  18. ashvamedha-ashramavasika-mausala-mahaprasthana-svargarohana

Critical Edition of Mahabharata
Electronic text of Mahabharata (Critical Edition) available from here thanks to Dr. Muneo Tokunaga and Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and Dr. John Smith

Sanskrit Recensions and Editions of the Mahabharata

Harivamsa (On-going Project)
English Translation of mahabharata by Kisari Mohan Ganguli
Selections from Translations (on line)
Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya
Annotated Bibliographies on Mahabharata

Benedictory Verses in manuscripts
English Translation by Satya Chaitanya

From MBH appendix of BORI relating to the former births of Draupadi
English Translation by Satya Chaitanya

Selections from Southern Recensions of Mahabharata

Mahabharata Commentaries

Summaries, Retellings

The Mahabharata of Vyasa: A Reading of the Epic by Dr. P. Lal
The Announcement

Blogs, Podcast etc.
Many Mahabharatas

Mahabharata in Translation

Mahabharata retellings in Indian languages

Mahabharata inspired works in Indian languages

Mahabharata Retellings in English

Mahabharata in Art and Theatre

Some on line articles related to Mahabharata

Some on line articles in Malayalam related to Mahabharata

Variations of Mahabharata

Variations in Indonesian Mahabharata Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

Epics - Creative Insights on-line

Mahabharata Translators

Temple Legends with Mahabharata Connection

Views/Comments on Mahabharata

Bharata Savitri (four slokas) The Essence of Bharata (from Svargarohana Parva)

The hundred sloka Bharata Savitri (Supplement to Harivamsa) at

The eightysix shloka Bharata Savitri from the Chitrashala Press Edition of Harivamsa

Mahabharata Related Works

The Man in the Well A parable from Mahabharata

Mahabharata trees

Quotes from Mahabharata

Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary



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