Important Sanskrit Recensions and Editions of the Mahabharata

(1) The Calcutta edition, Asiatic Society; the Editio Princeps, in Nagari
character (quarto); 4 volumes, 1834-39.

(2) The Bombay edition, 1863.

Nilakanta Virachita Bhavadipa Tika Sahit ( Rs.4000/=)
This is in pothi ( long - horizontal ) form with the text printed in in bold
sanskrit letters in the middle portion and Nilakantha's commentary at top
and bottom in small letters.
Text with commentary in 7 vols. ( 1988 )
Vol 8 is sloka index ( very handy to locate verses ) and Vol 9 is name

The complete set is available with
Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series,
K 37/99 , Gopal Mandir Lane,
Near Golghar 
Post 1008,
Varanasi - 221 001
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(3) Edition in Bengali characters, published under the auspices of the
Maharajadhiraj Mahtabchand of Burdwan, in both original Sanskrit (reprinted
in Bengali characters of the Asiatic Society edition) and Bengali
translation by Gopaldhan Churamani and Saradaprasad Jnananidhi; around 1863;

(4) The Madras edition, re-edited with tika by Nilakantha Govinda, 1890.

(5) The Southern Recension, 18 volumes, critically edited by P.P.S. Shastri,
and published by Ramaswamy Sastrulu & Sons, Madras, 1932.

(6) The Poona Recension (popularly called the "Bhandarkar edition") 1927-65,
easily the most authoritative, a painstaking labour of scholarly love; the
first critical edition, completed in 1966.

Available with
The Honorary Secretary,
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute,
812, Shivajinagar,
Pune - 411 004
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(7) Earlier edition of the Southern Recension, from the Vani Vilasa Press,

(8) Complete Mahabharata, with Hindi translation, Gita Press, Gorakhpur, 8

(9) Edition in Bengali characters, Panchanan Tarkaratna, Bangabasi Press, 2
folio vols.