mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya
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Who is who in mbh - chapters 10 to 16


mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya of madhvaachaarya is a useless book, if and if only, we see the characters, or incidents of mahaabhaarata, or, of raamaayaNa, in human perspective. As to how good and bad will come forth from time immemorial, so also, these personalities and incidents in itihaasa-s have been emerging from time to time in a continuous form, in their good and bad atmosphere. This book records those legends of protagonists and antagonists, including the personality traits of characters owing to their good and bad nature.

mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya is not just concerned with mahaabhaarata alone. It starts from vaalmiiki raamaayaNa in its opening chapters, because the very same characters of raamaayaNa have transfigured, transmuted, metamorphosed, transmogrified as the characters of mahaabhaarata. As such, exposition of mahaabhaarata starts from chapter 10 onwards, becaue previous chapters of mahaabhaarata taatparya nirNaya. cater to raamaaayaNa and its characters.

This webpage is prepared mainly limiting to mahaabhaarata, and to make available a list of 'who is who' in mbh, i.e., how and why a particular character emerged in mahaabhaarata, some details of his/her previous births, and how his/her personality in that birth has influenced him in this birth etc.

This is worked out following Telugu translation of aacharya shrii kambaaluur venkaTeshaachaarya, a publication of pejaavara matham, kurnool, and that of aachaarya K.T.Pandurangi's brief translation into English. Wherever available the text of aachaarya paaNDurangi is taken and copy/pasted, duly indicating that portion of text as that of shrii k. t. paanDurangi.

If somebody has not encoded text we do not pep up to undertake these translations.  The Arts and Humanities Data Service, London, AHDS, is kind enough to make the Itrans code, encoded by  Shrisha Rao, Tadipatri Meera, Ravipati Anand et al, made available to general public, and our thanks to all of them who are the forerunners in this work. 

This is a primary posting and this can be improved a lot depending upon the reception it is going to get. Anything good or useful in this work, then shriimanmadhvaachaarya is laudable, and if any bad thing, including numerous typos, is there, then please have a heart to communicate to me.

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