Draupadi Vastrakshepam

Tenth Vrittam

From Bharatham Pattu by Ayyanappilla Asan
(A Mahabharata retelling in Malayalam before Ezhuttacchan)
(With commentary by Dr. P.K. Narayana Pillai, National Book Stall, Kottayam (1988).

Song 2, Page 221

(The younger brother of Duryodhana (Dussasana) then, as raging fire,)
Churundereve yirundeyiTanivarntha varikoonthal
(the curly dark, dense and beautiful hair)
karatateTu chuttippiTiccheTTippalatuTeyum
(caught with his hand and revolved several times)
kamalakshiyum taramel vizhayizhattanavanuTane
(made the one with lotus eyes fall on the floor and dragged her).

Song 3, page 222

UtaneyavaluTu Atayumurinthan karabalattal
(Then by the strength of hands he removed the dress she was wearing)
Utaneyavaravar nhayamallinaveyavarurattaR
(Then they said that it is not just)
ATave tukilazhittanaTinakattakayonnuTutte
(As he removed the dress (she) wore another one)
AzhittanuTanatukum tukilozhiyatorupozhutum
(Immediately he removed that also. The dresses never exhausted at any time,)
KaTanayuTanuTanarikal kuTupparuTayaTa
(As loan, the women gave her dresses to wear)
Karuttalannu Manattalannu chalittan manamatattal
(By force, by mind, he moved by the pride of mind).
ViTaTayival tanneyum (You leave her) AvaluTayaTakal koTaTa (Return her dresses)
Vinayakave (Terrible danger (will occur)) varumakulam (Sorrow will come) ulakoruramoolam (because of the words people have uttered).

English translation by A. Purushothaman following the Malayalam commentary by Dr. P.K. Narayana Pillai.
April 2005